Will The Nutrition Of Frozen Vegetables Be Lost

The raw material requirements of frozen vegetables are high, must be good quality, maturity of suitable, uniform size, no pests and diseases, no pollution, and after harvest requirements do not soak, not banding, not overlap under pressure and timely transport, from the production received frozen, depending on the variety of different control within 4-10 hours, thus ensuring the freshness of raw materials. After quick-frozen vegetables have been under the control of-18 ℃ below the low temperature environment, its internal biochemical reactions are also inhibited, frozen transport will not lose the nutrients in the vegetables.

Frozen vegetables, because the vegetable dehydration time is short, the water can quickly through the Celsius zero to 5 degrees of the largest crystallization zone, cell and cell gap at the same time form small ice crystals, not to destroy the cell wall. After thawing, the vegetable has the good reducibility, basically has maintained the original color, the fragrance, the taste, the shape and the nutrition ingredient. After quick-frozen vegetables, the juice contains a lot of water (generally 65% to 97%), but also contains inorganic salts, organic acids, sugar, bone glue and other soluble nutrients.

However, frozen vegetables to eat correctly, the improper consumption will destroy its nutritional value, but also loss of color, fragrance, taste. The right way to eat is to buy now, do not store in the home, not to store in the outdoor conditions, and generally frozen vegetables before the freeze has been cleaned, washed, blanching before bagging, so do not need additional washing, as long as the thaw can be. The production and development of frozen vegetables accelerates people's life rhythm and facilitates people's life, so we should eat frozen vegetables correctly.