The Main Points Of Operation Of Sardine Can

1, raw material acceptance:

(1) The use of new (ICE) fresh or frozen good sardines, fish body intact, eyeball clean, corneal bright, red gills, fish scales solid attached to the body, the muscle is elastic, flesh and blood tight connection. The hygienic quality should conform to the relevant provisions of the hygienic standard of gb2733-94 marine fishes. No metamorphic fish shall be used below two degree of freshness.

(2) raw fish fish is 10 centimeters in length.

2, raw materials processing:

(1) Fresh water washed, frozen fish to the flow of water thawing, thawing to the fish body separate or half frozen state can be.

(2) Remove the fish head, tail, fin and viscera, scrape the net scale, wash the surface of the fish body with flow of mucus and impurities, clean the abdominal cavity of the black membrane, blood and viscera. The water temperature shall not exceed 25 ℃.

(3) in the process, the deterioration and mechanical damage should not meet the quality requirements of raw materials.

3, Salted:

(1) The quality of salt used in brine must conform to the relevant provisions of GB5461.

(2) The preparation of saturated salt water, filtration standby.

(3) The brine concentration of salt is 10 baume, the salt time is 10-20 minutes, and the ratio of brine to fish mass is 1:1. When raw materials are fresh fish, the salted time should be increased by 3-5 minutes.

(4) Salt water can be used for 5 consecutive times, but each time should be filled with concentrated brine to the specified concentration.

(5) Semi-frozen fish should be thawed thoroughly after the water is salted.

(6) In the process of salting, be sure to immerse all the fish in brine.

(7) According to the fish body size, the temperature and the freezing, the fresh fish raw material difference, the appropriate adjustment salt time.

(8) After salting, rinse with water, drain.