The Freeze Dried Apple Powder

FD apple powder
Traits: light yellow - yellow-brown powder
Pharmacological effects: Apples are rich in sugar, protein, fat,  vitamin C, pectin, tannic acid, organic acids and calcium, phosphorus,  iron, potassium and other minerals.
Detoxification effect: Apple high nutritional value, good for health, has always relish for people. In  addition it also has the exclusion of salt, lower blood pressure,  cholesterol, stimulate peristalsis, diuretic laxative and so on. Apple pectin can adjust the body's physiological function. With anti-oxidation function
Apple  polyphenols have the functions of anti-oxidation, deodorization,  preservation, aroma protection, color protection, prevention of vitamin  loss and the like, and can prevent the deterioration of food quality.  Therefore, the polyphenols can be used in aquatic products processing,  meat product processing, bread, cakes, Oil-based food and beverage processing and other cool, can significantly improve their product quality and shelf life.


Apple  polyphenols can be used in the manufacture of health food and cosmetics  because of their various health functions, such as prevention of dental  caries, prevention of hypertension, prevention of allergic reactions,  anti-tumor, anti-mutation, and inhibition of ultraviolet absorption. Apple polyphenols as health care, functional food additives, the amount of its use only 50-500PPm, you can have full effect.