The Difference Between Frozen Vegetables And Slow Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables, because the vegetable dehydration time is short, the water can quickly through the Celsius zero to 5 degrees of the largest crystallization zone, cell and cell gap at the same time form small ice crystals, not to destroy the cell wall. After thawing, the vegetable has the good reducibility, basically has maintained the original color, the fragrance, the taste, the shape and the nutrition ingredient. After quick-frozen vegetables, the juice contains a lot of water (generally 65% to 97%), but also contains inorganic salts, organic acids, sugar, bone glue and other soluble nutrients.

While the vegetable slowly freezes, the cell fluid dehydration, the water forms the larger ice crystal, destroys the cell wall seriously, after thawing, the juice and the nutrient ingredient are losing a lot, the meat is spongy, the brittleness weakens, the quantity and the quality are greatly lost.