Seared Sardines

Sardines do not seem to be produced in our local sea. Maybe, we will not produce the local Reagan, because anyway, I have never seen in the market to sell fresh. This sardines, tall, eat than before. To  deal with the small, fried very tasty, but such a big one, I decided to  eat fried, sprinkle with salt and pepper, you can start the United  States and the United States.


Frozen Sardines, oil,salt,green onion,ginger,cooking wine,pepper,starch



1. Remove sardines from the refrigerator.
2. After cleaning and cleaning the internal organs, add cooking wine, Cong Jiang, salt for a while.
3. Sprinkle a little salt pepper spare, prepare a little green onion.
4. Marinated fish stained with dry starch, shoot the excess part.
Put the pot in the amount of oil heat, into the fish.
6. fry until crisp yellow, turn the surface and then fried.
7. Jianshui sprinkle pepper salt, sprinkle with green onion embellishment food.