Rosemary Roasted Sardines

Summer hot  weather, many of my friends are lack of appetite, leading to inadequate  nutrient replenishment, especially protein deficiency, in this summer  without appetite, we can choose to eat more fish food, muscle fibers of  fish is relatively short, the loose structure of the protein, the water  content More, eat more soft and tender, but also easier to digest and absorb, so summer fish products is a better choice.
There  are many kinds of fish, stewed, steamed, boiled can, today I will share  with you a spice cooking out of the fish, so rich aroma for the summer  you bring a fresh feeling.
Rosemary is a spice that has a  sour, soothing scent that enhances brain function, eliminates bloating,  improves memory, soothes and relieves headaches. Wide  range of uses, can be used for cooking, baking West Point, refining  essential oils or brew into tea, cooking, bacon, barbecue spices.

Ingredients:frozen sardine.jpg

Frozen Sardines 250g,lemon,salt,rosemary,olive oil,pepper powder,ginger


Ginger shredded
2. rosemary but stalk leaves
Lemon peeled, the skin cut into filaments
4.  sardines washed into a clean bowl, the cut ginger, lemon pies,  rosemary, add a little salt for pickling, time is about half an hour.
Marinated sardines with lemon peel and rosemary can effectively remove the fishy smell
5. Take the baking sheet, spread the baking paper, the salted sardines placed on the baking sheet
6. Brush a layer of olive oil
7. Sprinkle some lemon on the surface of the fish
8. Into the preheated oven temperature of 200 degrees, the upper and lower fire first roasted 15 minutes
9.  According to their own taste appropriate sprinkle some pepper noodles,  and then into the oven for about ten minutes, because it is used up and  down the fire, so you can not turn over.
10. After roasting, it may be better to drop some lemon juice before eating

Sardines  in addition to vanilla lemon fishy, if you do not like this spice  friends, you can use beer to fishy, the effect is also good, the  specific approach is to wash the sardines soaked in beer for about half  an hour, the smell Can be removed.