Reasons For Rapid Development Of Frozen Food

Frozen food is now more than one kind of foods, and has been welcomed by everyone, has been rapid development. However, China's current type of frozen food is still relatively small, mostly pasta, vegetables, there is a lot of room for development. The reason for the rapid development of frozen food is that it is healthy, convenient and more internationalized.

Health is the topic of common concern, but also the mainstream of food consumption. Now people pay more attention to health, and many food safety appears to make people feel threatened, so people pay more attention to quality, health, healthy products get people's love, and the frozen food industry in the direction of health development.

Convenience: China's current frozen products are mainly sold from several traditional festival days, frozen market sales to break the conventional development, it is necessary to change its holiday-type consumption characteristics. Quick-frozen food is more convenient, just like instant noodles, has been more and more people's recognition, will be more and more convenient.

International: Many people who do frozen products know that at present there are tens of thousands of kinds of frozen products in the world, and China has only a few 2000 kinds. Chinese frozen food is currently limited to traditional rice flour products, after more than 10 years of development has entered a white-hot competition, product homogeneity and innovation has entered the bottleneck period, must face the category of innovation.