Processing Flow Of Canned Peach

① raw materials Choose the maturity of 8.5, fresh and full, no pest and mechanical injury, diameter of more than 5cm of high-quality yellow peach.

② cut, dig the core of the Yellow peach along the joint slit into two halves, do not skew and cause the size of the block, has been cut half after the yellow peach slices dipped in 2% salt water color protection. Cut half a piece of peach stones with a stone dug to the core, to be dug smooth and oval, but the fruit can not be dug too much or dug, can be slightly left red flesh. After digging the core should be timely immersion alkali, or immersion in 2% salt water color protection.

③ peeled, rinse the peach slices of the core evenly down the single layer in the Hot alkali machine steel wire on the net, so that the peel fully affected by lye. The concentration of lye is 6%~12% and the temperature is 85~90℃. The processing time is 30-70s, then rinse the lye with clear water.

④ pre-boil will wash the peach block into 0.1% citric acid hot solution, under the 90~100℃ hot Iron 2~5min, to the peach block is translucent-like degree. Cool with cold water immediately after hot perm.

⑤ trimming, canning with sharp knife to cut peach block surface spots, residual dander. The finished peach pieces can be packed separately according to different color and size, pay attention to discharge neatly, and can not be less than 55% of net weight. After loading cans, immediately inject 80 ℃ of hot water, sugar concentration of $number, and add 0.1% citric acid, 0.03% of the VC.

⑥ Exhaust, sealing tank in the exhaust tank thermal exhaust, to the central temperature of 75 ℃ immediately sealed cans. or vacuum exhaust, vacuum 0.03~0.04MPa.

⑦ sterilization, cooling in boiling water 10~20min, and then cooling to 38 ℃ or so.