People Are Mistaken In Choosing Frozen Food

Now quick-frozen food is convenient and affordable, by everyone's favorite, but everyone in the purchase of the time do not know how to judge, sometimes there are some misunderstandings. Some people think that frozen strong, can see the product of ice better. In fact, in daily life, if it is directly frozen homemade dumplings, glutinous rice balls, as well as fresh meat products, to reach a certain temperature after taking out to see, there will be no obvious ice. But the storage time is long, the food surface will appear more frost. Supermarkets buy frozen food is the same, if Frost too much, it is not new.

In addition, if the supermarket procurement of frozen food bags have more ice crumbs, it may be frozen after frozen and live. Turn on and freeze, tissue cells change, cell water content will be added, which may affect food quality. and quick-freezing only stops the biochemical reactions and bacterial growth in the food, and does not kill the bacteria. If the food is repeated vitrification, then there will be more and more bacteria in the heap, may be harmful to human health.

Therefore, in the selection of frozen food, should pay attention to the packing seal is intact, the packaging bag has no bonding, breakage. Do not choose a product with clear ice in the bag. And in the choice of the time to try to choose packaged products to reduce pollution. At the end of the shopping to buy frozen food, and as soon as possible into the refrigerator freezer room, lest the quality of things damaged.