Mushroom Soup With Mushroom Canned And Canned Shiitake


  1. canned mushroom

  2. canned shiitake

  3. eggs;

  4. shallot;

  5. ginger;

  6. black pepper powder;

  7. sesame oil

Canned-Mushroom.jpg  2.png


  1. Mushroom soup to use two kinds of mushrooms, one of which must be mushrooms, the other one I use the mushrooms, mushrooms to cut into thin slices, mushrooms also;

  2. The pot put a little oil, onion cut into pieces, ginger sliced into the wire, onion ginger mushrooms with the pot under the saute, a little red wine and then stir fry, add hot boiled water boiled together, transferred into a small fire boiled into 5 minute;

  3. And then add starch to thicken and then boil, and then break into the egg off the fire, stir, and finally salt, black pepper, a bowl of soy sauce can be added after the pan