Making Braised Chicken With Canned Mushroom

Eat a lot of chicks stewed mushrooms, taste very praise, decided to do one, because it is about to rain, so hastily bought a chicken instead of chicken, but the taste difference is not big, my girlfriend and two women are absolutely enough eat.


1. 4 Chicken legs;

2. Canned mushroom;  vinegar-braised-chicken-and-onions.jpg

3. Dried chilli;

4. Sichuan Pepper;

5. Some ginger and garlic implementation

6. 1 spoon Dark soy sauce;

7. 2 spoon light soy sauce;

8. Salt;

9. Sugar;

10. Essence of chicken;

11. Yellow rice wine


1.Chicken cut, washed several times with water, wash away the bloody, soaked in water, remove the bloody smell;

2.Warm water soak mushrooms;

3.Pepper, pepper and onion ginger garlic cut off;

4.Open fire, pour the oil, saute the good spices;

5.Chicken squeeze dry water, into the pot, fry until broken color;

6.First join the soy sauce, stir fry color, and then poured into the cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, salt, stir fry moment;

7.Poured into the water can not be chicken feet, into the casserole, cover the pot to cook for 10 minutes;

8.10 minutes later, wring dry mushrooms moisture, thrown into the meat and cook, simmer for 20 minutes;

9.Put some chicken, fire to juice;

10.Sprinkle with chopped green onion, off the fire pan