How To Make Freeze Dried Pumpkin Yoghourt

Fortunate access to freeze-dried pumpkin trial qualification, received yesterday, they quickly started making this yogurt.
The weather is getting hot, summer is coming, homemade yogurt quickly up ah.
Vacuum frozen pumpkin dry, but less water, the basic nutrients without loss, no added, is a very healthy snack. Pumpkin  is my favorite food, the first attempt to do a yogurt with a pumpkin  freeze-dried, very successful, yogurt also with a touch of pumpkin  fragrance, mix pumpkin tablets, the taste is very good .

freeze-dried pumpkin.jpg

Freeze-dried pumpkin yogurt practice

  1. Prepare milk, pumpkin freeze-dried and yogurt starter, yogurt machine in the basin with boiling water sterilization;

  2. The pumpkin freeze-dried into small particles;

  3. In the yogurt machine into a box (250g) milk, into the starter, pumpkin freeze-dried and sugar, stir well;

  4. Pour the rest of the milk and ferment for 7-8 hours;

  5. Fermented yogurt, refrigerated overnight

freeze-dried pumpkin.png