How To Make Freeze Dried Apple Slice

How to Make Freeze Dried Apple Slice

The  preparation method of the lyophilized apple slices is characterized in  that the specific steps are as follows:

1) pretreatment of apple: the  disease-free and rotting apple is selected and cleaned, sterilized,  mechanically or manually peeled, :  Apple slices into pieces and meet the requirements of the shape of the  process;

fd apple slice.png

2) Shop shelves: the apple slices evenly tiled in the material  tray after the transfer to the material shelf;

3) freeze-dried: will be Material  car into the freeze-drying warehouse, the apple slices into the  freeze-drying warehouse before 1 hour before starting the condensation  system, so that the normal operation of the material circulating  refrigerant temperature below -30 ° C, open the vacuum pump group must  be within 30 minutes So  that the degree of vacuum to 133. 3Pa below, then the material was  frozen, turn on the heating system, in accordance with the set  temperature heating, the curve tends to be consistent, the drying is  completed, the time control in 14 hours, the resulting apple slice  moisture content in 5%  or less; the drying conditions: a cold trap temperature of 57 ° C ± 3, a  vacuum degree of 77Pa ± 3, the first 1-2 hours hot plate temperature 98  ° C, the first three hours hot plate temperature 85 ° C, the first 4  hours Hour heating plate temperature 75 ° C, the first 5-6 hours heating plate Of 65 ° C, 7-10 hours heating plate temperature 55 ° C, 11-14 hours heating plate temperature 50 ° C.