How To Make Freeze Dried Apple

Dedicated to people with love - Valentine's Day food-Freeze Dried Apples

1, prepare the container, add warm water, add a spoonful of salt and let cool.

2, the apple cleaning, peeled, to the core, sliced, soaked in salt water.

3, the pieces of fruit neatly code in the dried plate.

5,135 ℉ air-dried for 12 hours or so.

fd apple.png

1, using the evening time for drying, you can relatively save a lot of electricity.

2, berry fruit dried time will be longer, depending on the type of fruit may be.

3, apple soaked in salt water to prevent darkening, a bit salty taste of apple slices good.

4, frozen preservation can make fruit pieces more crisp.

5, dried fruit is the best way to solve the flooding of fruit.