How To Eat Canned Abalone

Canned  abalone is the most commonly used type of abalone, except that the  quality is not bad, saving time and money is its greatest strength, and  people can take it into the mouth or cook it when it is opened. As canned abalone will cook more and more old, so do not cook for a long time. It is recommended to put the can into hot water.
In the purchase should pay attention to its manufacturing date, and should be stored within the shelf life. Do  not completely drained the soup after opening the can, because if you  can not eat it once, abalone can be immersed in the soup, and sealed  tightly, placed in the freezer to save, you can avoid dried abalone  meat, aging, loss of the original The taste. However, the best time to save more than 5 days.
The nutritional value of canned abalone4.jpg1, rich in protein, there are more calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin A and other nutrients;
2, high nutritional value, rich in globulin; abalone meat also  contains a known as "abalone" of the ingredients that can destroy the  necessary metabolic substances in cancer cells;
3, can Yin, Pinggan, Gushen, adrenal secretion can be adjusted, with the role of bidirectional regulation of blood pressure;
4, a menstruation, Runzao Lee intestinal effect, can cure irregular menstruation, constipation and other diseases.
5,  with nourishing yin tonic effect, and is a complement but not dry  seafood, no toothache after eating, nosebleeds and other side effects,  eat it anyway.