How To Cook Mixed Vegetables From A Can

Yesterday, I went to school in Yangyang and passed supermarkets. I went to buy a towel, and then Yangyang took it myself. After a while, the man came back and did not take the milk in his hand and picked up a packet of miscellaneous vegetables. When I saw it, it was peas, carrots and corn kernels. Said to use fresh ingredients to do it again, but Yang Yang said, how simple it is, go home and then simmer, mom, buy a bag. Hey, think about it, wait until you get home, it's dark, this dish can take a few minutes to pan, and you're lazy once again
After doing a good job, Yang Yang will think of that verse - Big Pearl beads drop jade disk, very vivid Kazakhstan


Onions, salt, olive oil,canned mixed vegetables

canned mixed vegetable.jpg


1.Prepare ingredients
2.Onion cut green onion
3.Into the pot, the food will be hot
4.Pour the right amount of olive oil into the pot
5.Stuffed green onion
6.Pour in the grains and stir fry for a few minutes
7.Transfer proper amount of salt
8.Mix the pan


Although corn is a coarse grain, its nutritional value is not lower than that of fine grain rice. In  addition to starch and calcium content slightly lower than the rice,  containing protein, fat, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins are higher than  rice.