How To Cook Canned Mackerel

There are  many ways to eat canned mackerel in tomato sauce. It is not only a  ready-to-eat food, but it can be cooked again with other ingredients. The taste of food cooked with canned tomato sauce is also very good. Momnet Encyclopedia teaches you several kinds of canned squid canned!
  Ketchup fried rice with tomato sauce

Ingredients: 200g of canned mackerel in tomato sauce, 155g of rice left, amount of olive oil


1. Open the can, take the mackerel in tomato sauce, place it on a plate, and use a knife to cut the granules.

2, hot oil, pour in the right amount of olive oil, add the remaining rice, stir well.

3, into the tomato sauce mackerel, pour the canned inside into the tomato sauce, stir well, you can turn off the heat.

Tips:  When you purchase squid, you have to look at the tight lids of the  squid. It is not easy to open, the scallion is bright red, and the squid  is clear, indicating that the quality of the fish is fresh. Fresh fish full of eyeballs, corneal transparency, eye surface.

canned mackerel in tomato sauce.jpg