Easy Canned Kidney Bean Recipes

Ribs white kidney bean soup

Today, is "Guyu." "Spring rain Jinggu days" from spring to Guyu, is the beginning and end of the spring. Valley rain, "rainy valley" means, but also the last solar term. In  the "Guyu" solar terms, people can not only adopt the method of mental  health care to regulate their emotions, but also eat some food that can  relieve stress and regulate emotions. Research data confirm  that eating more foods containing more vitamin B group to improve  depression symptoms have a significant effect. White kidney beans nutritious, rich in B vitamins, white kidney beans still sedative. Ancient  medical records in our country, sweet flat, with the temperature, Lee  stomach, only hiccups, kidney fill yuan and other functions, is a  nourishing diet Jiapin.

canned white kidney beans.jpg


Canned white kidney beans,Ribs, salt, ginger, cooking wine


1 ribs cut, rinse. Ginger slices, white kidney beans washed

2 pot drain, boil, put a few slices of ginger. Put the ribs into the boiling water, add wine, boil, salvage, rinse with cold water.

3  to clean the ribs and white kidney beans into the electric stew purple  casserole, add enough cold water, put a few slices of ginger, open the  "strong file" stew four hours before drinking salt seasoning can be.


1 ribs can go to the bloody water and fishy smell

2 salt can not be put too early, drink before putting it