Cream Bacon Pasta With Canned Mushroom Slices

Cream bacon pasta with mushroom is a simple dish in western restaurant. It’s easy to make, let’s do it.


1.pasta for one personcanned mushroom slices.JPG

2.3 pieces bacon

3.Canned mushroom slices

4.Olive oil

5.Fresh cream

6.Black pep per


8.Cheese powder




1.chopped garlic,cut the bacon to a small pieces,open the canned mushroom slices; boil water ,cook the pasta, in the meanwhile, serve another pot;

3.pour moderate olive oil, put the chopped garlic and fry ; put the mushroom slices and bacon when smelled the scent; stir-fry a moment;

4.add the fresh cream and boiled water,simmer over low heat;

5.put the pasta into the broth, stir well, add some salt ,turn off the heat and dish up;

6.season with some black pepper, cheese powder and basil

This dish is really simple and yummy! Do it yourselves, hope you success and have a nice day!