Cooking Canned Abalone


1  small chicken, 1 small muscle, 6 abalones, 2 Jinhua ham, 8 shiitake  mushrooms, 2-3 scallops, 1 small Chinese wolfberry, salt, rice wine,


1.Chickens, lean meat washed to remove the bloody water after drying. Dry mushrooms, medlar clean.

2.After the casserole rolls over the water, put down the whole chicken  and lean meat, abalone, Jinhua ham slices, scallops, mushrooms, and  quail into the soup pot.

3. Stamped with the fire boil, change small fire simmer 3 hours (cook three stewed four)
4. Finally salt and wine seasoned Serve.

canned abalone.jpg


** If you use the whole abalone, you can burn some green vegetables, then cut half the mushrooms, abalone cut thin slices.
** First with a little oil and garlic until fragrant, add oyster sauce stir fry, and arry owe.