Canned Sweet Cream Corn Recipe

Only this illustrated recipe was dedicated to the roommate of Shabby University where I couldn't read plain text.
Drink often in Guangzhou, because sweet corn is fresh and cheap to buy. When I arrived in Shanghai, I drank less, because. . The price of quality is far from that of Guangzhou's sweet corn...
You guys in Guangzhou must drink a little more for me


Canned cream sweet corn  
Pork (8 points, 2 points thin, full thin)
Corn starch (corn starch)
Shallots or parsley
Salt, pepper, cooking wine

canned cream corn.jpg


Ingredients and tools to wash the brush of the brush
Pork can be crippled, but it is broken. (I added the cooking wine and pepper together, you can not add) spare.
Carrots cut into pellets (forget to shoot), put clean water together  with ground corn cobs, the fire boiled a small simmer cook until the  water has a sweet taste.
This is carroty, cooked. It's almost impossible to cook stew. After cooking, remove the corn cob and throw it away (the corn cobs  will be immersed in a lot of soup, so do not waste too much soup)
Then  pour the corn syrup into the pot, pay attention, don't go away, this  soup will cook and meet and overflow, even if the handsome guy outside,  do not leave this pot! ! The open fire opened the corn slurry.
The process of burning corn syrup can be matched against a bowl of  water-starch. Eggs are added into the bowl and a little drop of pepper  is used to disperse the wine. If no pepper wine is used, it must not be  added.
1. After the corn pulp is boiled, put the pork stuffing first, and put  it in with chopsticks. (I only have two hands. There is no way to take a  bowl with one hand and chopsticks in one hand.)
2.  Pork is boiled and pour the starch into the water while stirring the  soup (If the water is starch, remember to mix evenly. Write the cabbage  QVQ). Add it slowly and add it to your favorite thickness.
3, boiled into the egg, pour the egg mixture and stir the soup with chopsticks to form a flower. (If  you use a bowl, slowly and evenly, you can do it in a circle.) Finally,  put in the right amount of salt. (If you can't even add salt, you can't  hold it. It's a bit of a good thing. Let go of yourself, let go of  corn, let go of eggs, and let go of pork. Also let me).
Add green onion parsley, do not eat and eat, love to eat more. (also don't put a pound or eight pounds.)
Eat it. Everyone is not easy. It's not easy for me to write. You can't see it easily. It is a last resort. In order to express your gratitude to me, don't ask me what looks like a tasty pie. I also thank you.
Will not choose corn, will not choose pork, broken eggs, and the like. Don't look for me. Don't boil half to find me suddenly because you can't find me.
I feel that I have done my best.