Canned Pear Dessert

Dangshan Pear is both raw and cooked, suitable for both young and old. "The  raw food can clear the heat of the six dishes, and the cooked food can  nourish the yin of the five organs." It also has a higher medicinal  value. It has been favored by people of all walks of life for centuries. "Compendium  of Materia Medica" has detailed records in the 30th volume, and  clinical evidence also shows that: Dangshan Pear has thirst-quenching,  Shengjin, phlegm-reducing summer heat, Huayu Runfei, cough and asthma,  nourishing yin and reducing anger, cooling heart detoxification and  other effects. It has been called by ancient Chinese medicines as "the fruit of nectar, and the medicine of the holland".

Ingredientscanned pear.jpg

Canned pear,Tremella ,Rock Candy,Water,Red Dates,Oil, Salt


1. Prepare ingredients
2. Tremella into a bowl, pour warm water bubble hair
3. Red dates wash the surface with warm water
4. Sliced yam pear after peeling
5. After the white fungus foam is rinsed twice, remove the small flowers
6. Put pear slices, pear core, red dates, rock sugar, and white fungus into the rice cooker liner
7. Pour 600cc clear water
8. Use soup function for 1 hour (2 hours taste better)
9. The last disk can be