Canned Mushrooms

Head, total exports 22. 60,000 tonnes, up 28%, accounted for 88 of total exports over the same period. $number。 Fuzhou Customs officials pointed out that although the 2007 Fujian Province mushroom can export increase potential good, but the unfavorable factors still exist. First, the supply of raw materials is tight. At present, the mushroom planting in Fujian province is still mainly retail-oriented, small-scale, backward management, production is affected by the climate, it is difficult to improve the unit area production technology. Since 2006, mushroom cultivation in most parts of the country has been affected by the decrease of high temperature and planting area, which has resulted in the production of mushroom canned raw materials. The second is the increase in production costs. As a low value-added export product, mushroom canned export is affected by the fluctuation of exchange rate obviously, the renminbi continues to rise, increases the cost pressure and market risk of export products, the price advantage of mushroom can weaken obviously. At the same time, the main packaging of canned mushroom raw materials tinplate continued to stay at high prices, labor costs and other manufacturing costs have also improved, the above factors further reduced corporate profits. Once again, tariff barriers remain.