Canned Kidney Beans Nutrition

Canned Kidney beans nutritious. It  is measured, hectogram kidney protein containing 23.1 grams, 1.3 grams  of fat, carbohydrates 56.9 grams, 0.24 mg of carotene, calcium 160 mg,  phosphorus 410 mg, iron 7.3 mg and rich in B vitamins, fresh beans are  also rich Vitamin C. Kidney beans full, delicate texture, rich in sand, food law and  diverse, can cook stew, bean paste, bean paste, soup, pork, canned food  or cold drinks, cakes, snacks and other snacks are affordable.canned red kidney beans.jpgWhite  kidney beans (white kidney beans) is a common edible beans in various  countries in the world, all provinces and regions in our country  planted. White  kidney beans not only rich in nutritional value, but also has high  medicinal and health value, is China's traditional medicine and food  homologous foods. Modern  scientific research shows that white kidney bean extract contains a  higher activity of α-amylase inhibitor (a-amylase inhibitor), the  chemical composition of a complex glycoprotein, abroad called "starch  blocker ", Meaning" starch absorption blocker. " Currently  developed a white kidney bean serum products, can inhibit the role of  α-amylase, blocking starch decomposition and reduce glucose absorption,  which can reduce postprandial blood glucose, reduce insulin secretion,  reduce fat synthesis and so on ,  Can effectively meet the diet of diabetics and dieters, so that they  can eat enough to eliminate hunger, but the postprandial blood glucose  is not high, the weight does not increase.
Kidney beans high medicinal value. Ancient  medical records in our country, sweet flat, with the temperature, Lee  stomach, only hiccups, kidney fill yuan and other functions, is a  nourishing diet Jiapin. Kidney  beans also sedative effect of the treatment of Deficiency hiccups, Wei  Han Wei, bruises, wheezing, cough, back pain, neuralgia have a certain  effect. Kidney  beans is also a high-potassium low-sodium foods, it is suitable for  heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids and avoid salt  consumption. Modern medical analysis, kidney beans contain hemagglutinin and other globulin.