Braised Sardine Fish


Frozen Sardine, Cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper at the end, ginger, garlic


1. The  sardines bought to the internal organs washed and drain, marinated with  half a bowl of wine for about 30 minutes, during which to be turned over  one or two times.
2. Sauce into the ginger oil pan, the  marinated sardines one by one, with a small fire will be fried to  golden brown on both sides.sardine.jpg3. Add water, cooking wine  (you can just use the remaining pickled fish), a small amount of soy  sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, turn on the fire turn the small fire stew  burning, remember when the stew burn the fish turn several times for  tasty .
4. To be about the same time into  the water to add a small amount of sugar at the end of pepper seasoning  water to receive the pan plate.
In fact, sardines taste almost the same with octopus. . . The most important thing is to remove fishy fish. . . Garlic vinegar wine is to fishy.