Braised Mackerel Fish

Today went  to the supermarket just to catch up activities on the last day, see the  mackerel is engaged in activities and very cheap, three eight cents five  pounds, so pick a few big, go home and began to pack up, the fish to  buy True value ah, four fish inside all roe, ha ha, so happy ah.


Frozen Mackerel,Oil,Salt, Green Onion, Cooking Wine, Soy sauce, Sugar, Vinegar, Sichuan Pepper, Aniseed, Myrcia, Cilantro, Dried Chilly, Fermented tofu juice, Ginger, Garlic

Directions:canned mackerel.jpg

1. Mackerel remove visceral wash, water control
2. Ready onion ginger garlic, aniseed, peppercorns, dried red peppers, bay leaves
3 hotpot cool oil, add peppercorns small fry, remove do not
4. Mackerel wipe a layer of flour on the surface, into the pan fry until golden both sides
5. Add onion ginger garlic, aniseed, fragrant leaves, dried red pepper saute
6. Pour the right amount of wine
7 into the amount of sugar
8. Pour in the amount of braised soy sauce
9. Pour into the amount of vinegar
10. Then add the amount of red bean curd and salt seasoning
11. Pour into the amount of water, the fire simmer about 15-20 minutes
12.With almost the same amount of soup into the parsley can be