Braised Horse Mackerel

Barracuda,  the scientific name of the blue circle , alias aka barbed fish, stick  fish, pond fish, yellow accounted for, Chi Tsai. It is a  kind of marine upper pelagic family, which is distributed in China's  South China Sea, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea, especially in  the South China Sea and the East China Sea. This fish  muscular, delicious, nutritious, per 100 grams of fish protein  containing 22.7 grams, 2. 9 grams of fat, is a high protein and high  absorption rate of fish. And the price is still very cheap.


Frozen Horse Mackerel,Oil,Salt,Garlic,Ginger,Chopped Chilli,Green Onion,Soy sauce, Cooking Wine


frozen horse mackerel.jpg

1. Horse mackerel clean the body draw a few knives
2. garlic chopped ginger shredded cut from the cut pepper spare
3. Wok drain oil into the pan fried fish
4. Jane to both sides of the golden spare
5. Wok drain oil into the garlic ginger and chopped chopped fragrant
6 into the fried barba fish
7. Transfer into the amount of water simmer for a while
8. Transfer the amount of soy sauce
9. transferred into the amount of cooking wine
10 into the amount of salt into the onion stir fry pan