Braised Abalone

The  highest state of abalone is to make it tender and tender, but it does  not have any taste.Only by the ingredients and slow fire boil.It is a  high-protein thing.Eat one at a time, but when done can do more A  few, put in the refrigerator to eat when heating on the line.It is also  done in the restaurant.I do not want to say that you have ordered the  abalone after seven or eight hours of the shop.I just put my own way to  say.If you There are better ways to communicate.


Canned Abalone (8), 0.5 old hen, scallop right amount, amount of ham, sugar, onion, ginger, raw powder

Directions:canned abalone.jpg

1. Dried  abalone eight bubble water 48 hours halfway to constantly change the  water. After soaking wash (there is a place like a sand pick to be  thrown away).

2. Pour boiling water on the lid for a  night and then take a casserole into the abalone hen half or a fly .If  you are not afraid of trouble you can first cook the chicken soup to do  .I am a lazy pigskin a large (First flying water).

3.  a scallop, a few slices of ham.Get the appropriate amount of sugar,  ginger, scallion, join the full amount of water pot, turn on the small  fire boil on the five hours off the fire, put enough water, halfway can  not add water, or else abalone Juice is not concentrated. Also do not have salt. Scallop itself salty. Cooked savory naturally came out.

4.  Turn off the fire after the abalone material slag removed. Abalone stay  in the casserole for a night (casserole insulation. So be sure to use  the casserole to do).

5. Add oyster sauce  and cook for two hours the next day (if your scallop salty enough to add  salt.) If you do not rush to eat off the fire and then stew.

6.On  the third day and then open the fire boil for ten minutes after the  turn off the heat .A few days this abalone want to eat is difficult to  eat.