Beer Tomato Sardines

Sardines accompanied by beer and tomato no fishy, soft tender meat, sweet and sour taste, good food under rice. Eat sardines can prevent heart disease, mastitis.


Frozen  sardines 1000g, tomato 250g, beer 120ml, onion ginger garlic, pepper,  salt 4g, sugar 20g, vinegar, tomato sauce, oil 500ml, parsley, aniseed,  bay leaf


1. sardines went to the internal organs, wash cut into sections.sardine.jpg2. Add salt, cooking wine marinated for one hour.
3. Onion slices, parsley cut into sections.
4. Tomato peeled and chopped.
5. Pan frying pan, the fish deep-fried.
6. Pour the pot of oil, tomato, tomato sauce, half of the sugar, geraniol, aniseed, pepper, garlic and garlic into a sauce. ,
7. Pour the fish, add more half of the sugar, salt, into the beer, boil over a small fire simmered forty minutes or so. Pan plus parsley.


Fish should be careful to prevent the collapse of oil themselves.