Barbecue Squid

The squid  baked in the infrared smokeless rice cooker has beautiful appearance,  fresh taste, no smoke stains taste, it is both nutritious and delicious  ah!


Frozen Squid
Black pepper  
     The catfish must have a pound and wash it with clean water. If it can be peeled, it will be even better.

     The whisker is hot with boiling water, cool in cool water, remove

     Sprinkle with salt, chili powder, cumin, black pepper, and sesame, and mix well.

     I use bamboo sticks to put on squid. I do this because children like to eat skewers, mainly to ask children to like it.

     Dressed squid skewers tiled onto tin foil

     Wrapped in tin foil

     The rice cooker warms up to the 7th gear, and then puts the tin foil on it, turning it in five and two sides.

     After five minutes open steam and continue to roast for two minutes to remove some moisture