Why are freeze dried sweet corn sold well?

Freeze-dried corn uses aerospace technology, which is a freeze-drying technique. Fresh sweet corn is quickly frozen in a freezer to solidify the moisture in the sweet corn into ice crystals, which are then placed in a vacuum drying chamber to convert the ice directly into water vapor. This process removes the moisture in the sweet corn, and still maintains the color, aroma, taste and shape of the sweet corn itself after processing, and retains the original nutrient composition, vitamins and minerals of the fresh sweet corn.


Because freeze dried sweet corn avoids the defects of discoloration, odor, large loss of nutrients and poor rehydration caused by traditional dehydration technology, it has the characteristics of maintaining corn shape, color, fragrance, taste, nutrition, rehydration and light weight. It can be stored at room temperature and so on. The price of the freeze-dried corn market is 7-8 times that of frozen corn.


Freeze-dried corn has only physical changes in the production process without chemical changes. It does not require the use of any preservatives. It can ensure the original "Green" Of the food and retain more than 98% of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.


Freeze-dried corn has an irreplaceable position in special occasions such as mountaineering, navigation, exploration, and military field, and is also the main food for astronauts in space.

freeze dried sweet corn