What should pay attention to in canned tuna?
Large Can Of Tuna.jpgCanned tuna is an important variety of canned aquatic products. The canned tuna species are mainly albacore tuna and yellowfin tuna. There are many varieties of canned tuna, including raw tuna, spiced tuna, oil-impregnated tuna, vegetable tuna, and tomato sauce tuna. . In addition, since the tuna muscle has more sulfur-containing protein, a sulfur- and acid-resistant dual-purpose full-coat tinplate can be generally used as a container for cans.

Canned tuna poisoning may occur if the canned tuna contains unfresh ingredients. Symptoms of poisoning can occur 2 hours after ingestion of contaminated fish. The course usually lasts for 16 hours. There is usually no sequelae and death is rare. Histamine has excitatory effects on the smooth muscles of human gastrointestinal tract and bronchus, resulting in tight breathing. Pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, these symptoms are often accompanied by neurological and skin symptoms such as headache, sting, redness or urticaria.

Therefore, it is necessary to observe whether the outer packaging of canned tuna is clean and tidy, whether the writing is clear, whether it is within the shelf life, or whether the name, address and contact number of the enterprise are marked in the canned food label of tuna.