What is the production process of canned sardine fish?

1.Raw material acceptance:

(1)Fresh (ice) fresh or well frozen sardines are adopted. The fish body is intact, the eye is clear, the cornea is bright, the gills are red, the fish scales are firm attached to the fish body, the muscles are elastic, and the bones and flesh are tightly connected.

(2)Raw fish the body length of the fish is more than 10 cm.

2.Raw material treatment:

(1)Clean the fresh fish with clean water, and defrost the frozen fish with flowing water until the fish are separated or partially frozen.

(2)Remove the fish head, tail, fin and internal organs, scrape the fish scales, wash the mucus and impurities on the surface of the fish body with flowing water, and wash the black film, blood stain and internal organs in the abdominal cavity.The water temperature shall not exceed 25 ℃.

(3)Materials that do not meet the quality requirements, such as deterioration and mechanical damage, should be removed during treatment.



(1)The quality of salt used for salting must comply with the relevant provisions of GB5461.

(2)Prepare saturated salt water and filter it for later use.

(3)The concentration of salt water used for salting was 10 baume, the salting time was 10-20 minutes, and the ratio of salt water to the weight of fish block was 1:1.When the raw material is fresh fish, the salting time should be increased by 3-5 minutes.

(4)Brine can be used 5 times in a row, but the concentrated brine should be added to the specified concentration each time.

(5)Semi-frozen fish should be completely defrosted with water before being salted.

(6)In the process of salting, make sure that the fish body is completely immersed in the saltwater.

(7)Adjust the salting time according to the differences of body size, air temperature and raw materials of frozen and fresh fish.

(8)After salting, rinse with water and drain.


4.Can filling:

(1)Use sulfur resistant all-painted tinplate tin cans of no. 603 and no. 604 in accordance with QB221.

(2)The empty tank must be clean and free of rust spots. The tank body shall not be distorted by edges and corners, dents and dents, and no paint peeling.

(3)The empty cans should wash, with more than 82 ℃ hot water or steam sterilization, inverted drain and set aside.

(4) The salted fish should be fully drained before being weighed and filled.The loading quantities of tank type no. 603 and no. 604 are respectively 360-370g and 210-220g.For frozen fish, pack 10 grams less than fresh fish.

(5)Fill the tank with clean brine with a concentration of 1 baume.



(1)The 30 to 40 minutes / 98-100 ℃ cooking dehydration, then pour it can drain net liquid.

(2)adjust the dehydration time according to the steam volume size, fish body size, tank type and performance of the water tank.Dehydration should be limited to 18-22%.


6.Add ingredients:

(1)The quality of refined vegetable oil and refined salt shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB2716 and GB5461 respectively.

(2)refined vegetable oil after first heated to 180-220 ℃, cooled to 80-90 ℃, filtering and set aside.

Canned Sardine Fish