What is the nutrition of bamboo shoots canned?

The process of canned bamboo shoots is very simple, it only needs heating.application of pasteurization, canned meat and canned seafood fish processing temperature does not exceed 120 ℃ or so;vegetables, canned fruit processing temperature not over 100 ℃;but our daily family cooking temperature more than 200 ℃, it would be easy to nutrient loss is higher than all kinds of canned instead.


Some bamboo shoots nutrition are even more than the ingredients themselves.canned carrots, for example, contain 50 percent more carotene than fresh carrots, and canned tomatoes contain twice as much lycopene as fresh tomatoes.in the case of canned fish, the process of sterilization has no effect on the protein, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and other nutrients in the fish. It can also make the fish bones crisp and soft and dissolve a lot of calcium.


Many western food is not without cans.italian parmesan grilled chicken is not tomato sauce, only canned tomato paste can make the most authentic italian flavor;authentic russian cuisine also includes canned caviar and canned cream mushrooms.many of the ingredients in japanese restaurants come from cans, ranging from dried mushrooms to japanese tofu, to various types of sushi, and more or less all contain canned products.so it's a myth that cans are not nutritious.


Fresh fruits and vegetables can only be provided with various vitamins and minerals when they are just picked, and nutrients will be lost over time.waxing is common in the fruit industry for long-term storage, and wax, whether natural or chemical, is not soluble in water and cannot be washed away.in particular, foreign fruits from across the sea must be processed through preservation, the addition of preservatives is a fruit preservative, will remain in the fruit.so the idea that canned food is not fresh really needs to be revisited.

Bamboo Shoots Canned