What is process of making healthiest canned pineapple?

According to the shape of solid objects, it can be divided into seven categories, such as full-round pineapple can, round pineapple can, fan-shaped pineapple can, broken pineapple can, long pineapple can and small pineapple can. The taste of canned pineapple slices is sweet and smooth, and has functions of strengthening stomach, filling spleen and stopping diarrhea, clearing stomach and quenching thirst.


(1) Choose cylindrical fruits with large fruit shape, shallow buds, small heart and little fiber as raw materials. get rid of bugs, disabilities, and dried fruit.

(2) Wash and grade the fruit with clean water to clean the sediment and sundry on the fruit surface, and then grade according to the fruit diameter.

(3) The process of end, peeling and heart cutting is carried out with pineapple joint processing machine.

(4) Trim the slice, cut off the damaged skin and scar, remove the fruit, wash it with clean water once, and cut the fruit into circular slices 10-16 mm thick with a single chip slicer. The unqualified pieces or fragments can be cut into fan-shaped pieces or fragments, but there can be no fruit, spots or mechanical injuries.

(5) Drainage canned fruit into the drainage tank, add 1.2 times of around 50 ℃ sugar water, under the 80 kpa to 25 minutes; available vacuum can be used to add juice, better effect.load the sliced fruit 300 grams, add sugar water 100 grams.

(6) Exhaust hot line, temperature about 98 ℃, can of center temperature is not lower than 75 ℃.vacuum seal should be above 53.3kpa.

(7) Sterilization cooling sterilization formula of glass bottles is 5 ~ 25/100 ℃.immediately after sterilization segmented cooling to 38 ℃.

(8) Check the storage, wipe the cooled canned pineapple rings goods and keep them warm for a week, and put the qualified ones into storage for sale.

(9) Review quality goods canned cans in accordance with yield of 1% ~ 3% random sampling can examination, quality indicators meet the requirements: Pulp yellow to golden yellow, the colour and lustre is consistent, transparent sugar water, allow without causing opacity pulp debris, a small amount of pulp sour and sweet appropriate, no peculiar smell: Fruit full, soft hard moderate, good cutting, no scar and insect and spots;pulp weight not less than the net weight of 54%, sugar water concentration of about 16%.

(10) Colony detection: Medical studies have shown that food poisoning caused by salmonella is generally the most likely to occur from may to october, and food poisoning caused by salmonella is closely related to the content of salmonella in food, pathogenicity and individual susceptibility. When people eat food containing salmonella, toxins produced by the bacteria and bacteria may cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache and other adverse reactions, seriously or even life-threatening.

Healthiest Canned Pineapple