What is organic canned asparagus?

Organic canned asparagus a high-grade vegetable can prepared from fresh asparagus and pasteurized in glass or tin containers.rich in a variety of essential amino acids, plant proteins, minerals and trace elements, can enhance the body's immunity, modern medicine has proved, and the role of cancer prevention and treatment.at present, china has the largest canned asparagus production in the world, and the production area is mainly in yongji, hejin and heze regions in shanxi, accounting for three-quarters of the world's total annual output.

The taste of canned asparagus mainly depends on the freshness of asparagus raw materials, more fresh taste more good, the smaller the loss of nutrition, the freshest canned asparagus in china mainland from fu hing food co., ltd., he is china's largest proprietary asparagus base property factory with an area of ten thousand mu, canned asparagus from harvest to offline only 2 hours.

Organic Canned Asparagus