What is mixed fruit cup?

In 1809, the world trade flourished. The seafarers who lived on the ship for a long time were sick because they could not eat fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods, and some suffered from serious life-threatening scurvy. The French government of Napoleon used a huge bonus of 12,000 francs to solicit a long-term method of storing food. Many people have invested in research activities in order to win prizes.


Whether it is food or fruit cups sterilization, bacteria and bacterial spores will be eliminated, and no bacteria will multiply. However, the possibility of total elimination is small, and basic sterilization can be achieved, thus extending the food preservation time as much as possible.


There are also a large number of spores of bacteria and bacteria in the air, etc. The spores of bacteria are like the seeds of trees. They are very skin-resistant and can float with the wind. So the cans are all vacuum sealed.


Preservatives are found in mixed fruit cup , because bacteria can multiply quickly when they are in a suitable environment. Even if there is only one bacterium, it is quickly divided into countless ones because of schizophrenia. Preservatives can effectively inhibit the survival of bacteria, so that a small number of bacteria can not survive, food storage time is long.

Mixed Fruit Cup