What is frozen horse mackerel?

Horseshoe, also known as horse mackerel.It is widely distributed in the coastal waters of China, Korea and Japan. This kind of fish is the middle and upper layer of fish, which swims quickly and likes to gather in groups.


Lateral line are all micro scale body thick flat edges, a spindle, average body length of 20 ~ 40 cm, weight 150 ~ 400 grams, big head, front end fine pointed cone, eye big high, big mouth, jaw length, each line of fine teeth, plough bone and bone have teeth, body by tiny scales, body back a young black or dark blue, the body on both sides of the pectoral fins above the horizon have irregular dark blue bug etch, abdomen is white and slightly yellow, dorsal fin two are far apart, the first dorsal fin spine 9-10 root, the second dorsal and anal fin, its rear up and down the five small fin;The caudal fin has two ridges on both sides of deep fork and base. The pectoral fin is light black, the anal fin is light pink and the other fins are light yellow.


They are distributed in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and have become one of the world's main fishing species.


They can be caught in south China sea, east China sea, yellow sea and bohai sea.Atlantic anchovies, clustered along the coasts of Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal in South Africa and west Africa;The Chilean anchovy is also known as the southeast Pacific anchovies. It has a long cylindrical body and is slender and long compared to the east China sea anchovies.

Frozen Horse Mackerel