How to use baked beans in tomato sauce canned?

You should fry the fish first, the method that fry fish not bad has: The fish comes back first with salt daub marinate a little bit, such flesh quality can become tight, so not so easy fry rotten.oil in a cold pan and fry over low heat.want to maintain a pan, wash hind with dishcloth wipe dry, long time boiler has one layer "Do not stick coating", no matter how you fry not bad.

After the fried fish, put it in the dish, put canned baked beans on the surface, put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, smell the fragrance can.


Finish first to wash the ribs and cut them into small pieces.add salt, pepper, oil, sugar, oil, a little raw powder mix well, marinate for a while.

Heat up the oil under the pan, add two spoonfuls of sugar, stir-fry over low heat.until the sugar dissolves and bubbles.


Sprinkle with marinated pork ribs and stir in sugar.stir-fry evenly, add the right amount of tomato juice, stir well, add the right amount of water and cook for a few minutes until the ribs are ripe.

Then pour in aheinz baked beans. Remove and cook for a few minutes, then add salt and sugar.


Pour the powdered water into the pot over low heat. Stir well and turn to high heat to boil.

Served on a plate and served with a bowl of rice, served with sauce and ribs, served with a hot plate of fried rice with soy and tomato sauce.

Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce Canned