What are the species of abalone?

Abalone is one of the rare "Sea treasures", delicious taste, rich nutrition, known as the sea "Soft gold". Abalone can food is a rare marine edible shellfish, known as "Table gold, the crown of sea treasures", its meat is delicate, nutritious.


Abalone, named fish but not actually fish, is a primitive marine shellfish, single-shell mollusc. It is also called sea-ear because it is shaped like a human ear. Abalone usually grows on the ocean floor where the water temperature is low. It can be found in the pacific ocean, atlantic ocean and indian ocean. Of the 216 abalone species that have been named worldwide, 7 abalone species are distributed along the coast of china, among which the most common abalone species are the corrugated discolored abalone in the north bohai bay and the variegated abalone in the southeast coast.


(1) Netball

Deep brown color, oval shape, thin edge, pillow bottom beads, broad and flat bottom edge, more pointed tail, meat and fat, cut with a knife, mesh section, hence the name.china and australia also produce net abalone, the shape is more similar to that produced in japan, but pillow bead form is irregular, and aussie net abalone needs to be soaked for many days before hair, mouthfeel is more firm, have "Wooden" Feeling. Japan's chiba prefecture produces the most famous net bao in the past, but because of the seawater pollution in recent years, now by japan's qingsen prefecture produces the best quality.


(2) Jipin bao

Gippy bao.it's also known as gibbon. China's qingdao, hainan and taiwan are also produced, but at present it is recognized that japan's iwate prefecture produced the best.jipin bao is high in the outside and low in the inside, shaped like an ingot, with a clear line mark in the middle, and hard, pillow high, smaller than the body. In the market sales, because of the large and expensive network bao, ordinary customers can not consume, so the market with the most popular jipin bao.it has a strong taste, beautiful color and chewy taste. In the choice of the body to be able to rise, and golden color for the top.


(3) Lebber

He ma bao, also known as wo ma bao, a boat - shaped body, small, body edge pinhole, yellow color, tender meat.taste delicious. Because of the gap between the rocks at the bottom of the sea, it is the best mark to identify the pockmark left by catching it with a hook.

In addition to the above three big names, daily use of the south africa dried abalone, middle east abalone, australia fresh abalone and "Sea king", "A card" Canned abalone. South african dried abalone is smaller in size and tastes much less than netball, but it is better than fresh abalone. The shape and taste of the bowes are slightly inferior to those of the netball.after processing, australian fresh abalone has a strong, smooth and cheap taste, and is also a popular variety.

 Abalone Can Food