What are sliced mushrooms canned?

With the great wealth of materials and the constant fear of news about preservatives and additives in the media, people tend to misunderstand the food with a long shelf life, believing that cans need to be added with preservatives and lack nutrition. Therefore, cans have suddenly become the humble people in the food world.


Canning was originally created to solve the food supply problem during the napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, before preservatives were available.there is no need to add any preservatives to the processing of canned food. In china's food safety standards, the majority of canned food is prohibited from adding food preservatives.


As long as the outer packaging of the sliced mushrooms canned is not damaged by collision or rust, there will be no problem in storage for 5-10 years.there was a program in japan that said that canned food is not bad for 20 years. This is not an exaggeration.


The production of canned goods is usually made of seasonal ingredients, with high quality and good appearance.because it is the season of mass purchase, so lock in the best price, there is no need to use side materials to save costs.


In europe, america and japan, canned sliced mushrooms nutrition is visible. It is very popular.the average american spends around 90 kilograms a year on cans, compared with about 50 kilograms in western europe, 23 kilograms in japan and just one kilogram in china.


However, china is a big producer of canned goods in the world. Its products are exported to the united states, the european union, japan and other countries in the world in large quantities, with the export volume reaching 3 million tons.these countries have particularly strict censorship of food, and the fact that chinese cans are so popular on the international market is a testament to the quality of canned goods.

Sliced Mushrooms Canned