How to tasting canned tuna?

Open and ready to eat

1. Take out the organic canned tuna and eat it on toast

2. Keep the vegetables cool

3.Tuna in oil for tuna salad

4.Tuna sandwiches

5. use tuna to make tofu soup

6,.Beat the tuna into an egg and fry it into a pancake.

7. Put tuna on soda crackers and eat them together

8. Mix tuna and onion shreds with salt, then squeeze in lemon juice


Observation of packaging: observe tuna fish can whether the outer packaging is clean and tidy, whether the handwriting is printed clearly, and whether it is within the warranty period. Also, check whether the food label is marked with the company's name, address, contact number and other information.

Check the endoplasm: for the glass bottle packaging products, it can be observed whether the content of the block shape is complete, no foreign body, no turbidity phenomenon.The normal product has a certain degree of vacuum, and there is a clear sound when the bottle cap is knocked. If there is no vacuum, the product is likely to have quality problems.

Prevent "fat listening" : do not buy the products whose appearance changes. When the food can is contaminated by microorganism and loses its edible value, the "fat listening" phenomenon of the product is often generated, that is, the volume of the outer package increases.

Tasting Canned Tuna