How to Sauce Mix White Kidney Beans


Canned White Kidney Beans,Sauce

Sauce modulation:

1, Garlic shoot flat, chopped into minced, add cold water soak for 10 minutes;

2, take a spoonful of sesame paste, a spoonful of sweet sauce, a spoonful of spicy sauce mixing;

3, add soaked garlic stir well;

4, as appropriate, add sesame oil, salt, sugar, vinegar and soy sauce again stir well.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

1, washed white kidney beans, pick off tendons;

2, steaming for 15 to 20 minutes;

3, remove and let cool, cut into inch, put disk;

4, pour the good sauce of cold sauce.


1, sweet sauce can be used soy sauce and soy sauce instead, hot sauce can choose your favorite brand.

2, a variety of sauce can be added according to their own tastes free to adjust.

3, kidney beans must be steaming.