How To Make Mushroom Omelette With Raysun's Canned Mushroom Slices

I want to prepared the breakfast for my little girl. It just left one canned mushrooms and two eggs. I got an idea, make a mushroom omelette for her.I didn't expect she love it! It was so amazing! And i tasted it ,yes, my daughter was right. So I want to share you my mushroom omelette. Let's do it.

canned mushroom slices.jpg


 1. Canned mushroom slices;       mixed-mushroom-omelette-31747-1.jpg

 2. Two eggs;

 3. Oil;

 4. Oyster sauce;               

 5. Salt;

 6 .Light soy sauce;

 7. Rice wine


1. Beat the eggs,put some salt, pour the light soy sauce and rice wine;

2. Pour the oil into the hot pot , put the mushroom into the hot oil, stir-fry, pour the oyster sauce when the mushroom be done, stir it;

3. Put the mushroom in the pan evenly, pour the egg, when the egg become gold and rotated.

The mushroom omelette is ready! Now,it's your turn,take a picture in the comment, share it to everybody. Canned wait to see your works!