How To Make Freeze Dried Papaya Powder

1.Ingredients :

Green papaya

Appropriate amount of soy sauce

Amount of proper

Amount of garlic

Appropriate amount of chili

2.Steps :

<1>.  Buy a few green papaya, washed and peeled, the papaya cut into the same  size as the French fry papaya (the length of their favorite)

<2>. After  the cut, dried, dried into the water can be no need Too dry

<3>. After drying, prepare ingredients, take a few dried garlic, skinned, chopped chopped garlic, chopped peppers.

<4>.  Take a sealed container, put the dry papaya into it, the ingredients  garlic and pepper poured into the mix with papaya
<5>. pour some shochu (a  few milliliters can be), then poured soy sauce soaked papaya, must be  soaked. Soak for three weeks to eat.