How to make canned water chestnuts?

1. Technological process: Material selection, billet making, maturation, rinsing, filling, sealing, sterilization, insulation

2. Operating points

(1) material selection and blank the tender crisp, thin skin, uniform fruit shape, no damage, and no water immersion of the camelina, and divide it into three grades according to the size of ball diameter: The first grade is above 3.5cm, the second grade is between 2.5cm and 3.5cm, and the third grade is below 2.5cm.will choose good raw materials into 100 ℃ water hot 2 ~ 3 min, then use knife cut off the main lateral bud and root, and then peel them.

(2) ripening.the ratio of water chestnuts to water is 1 to add 0.2% ~ 0.5% of citric acid to clean water, treated water temperature rose to 40 ℃, the peel of water chestnut pour boiled water.

(3) rinse.rinse the cooked water chestnuts with clean water and remove the fine powder on the surface.

(4) can filling.the water chestnuts were weighed and put into the tank, and then filled with the filling liquid.if it is water chestnut, it is injected with boiled and filtered water.if for sugar water water chestnut, injection concentration was 25%, the temperature of 60 ℃ the liquid sugar.

(5) seal the tank.if using thermal exhaust can sealing, generally in steel exhaust under 100 ℃ for 10 min, and then the blocks in a timely manner;if mechanical suction is used to seal the tank, the vacuum pressure of the vacuum sealing machine should be controlled at 5.332mpa.

(6) sterilization.525 g glass bottled water chestnuts sterilization formula is: Sugar water water chestnut 10-20-10 min / 100 ℃, water chestnut 10-15 - l0min / 100 ℃.after sterilization, remove its cool to 35 ℃.

(7) outside of the bottle of water control, under the condition of 25 ℃ temperature stacking culture week, is the finished product.

Canned Water Chestnuts