How to Frozen Vegetables Have Many Advantages Over Common Vegetables

First. Long-term storage. The rapid freezing of vegetables is carried out at a temperature of 18 degrees. The formation of uniform small ice crystals within the tissue, not destroying the cell crystallization of vegetables, effectively restricting biological chemical reactions and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, thus can achieve long-term storage preservation purposes.

Second, the freezing quality is good. Basically maintain the original color of fresh vegetables, flavor and nutrition ingredients. After thawing, the sap loses less. After cooking to maintain the shape, good taste, no frozen vegetable flavor.

Third, packaging, transport convenience. Because the frozen vegetables are monomer loose, it is convenient to weigh the packing seal. In the case of external packaging, refrigeration, transportation is very convenient.

Four, is fastidious health, edible convenience. Because frozen vegetables before freezing processing has been finishing, cleaning, blanching, and these processing process of sanitary conditions is very strict, therefore, frozen vegetables generally meet the food hygiene standards. In addition, because frozen vegetables do not need any processing when cooking, can be used with the use, so it has the advantage of saving time.

Of course, frozen vegetables also have their own deficiencies, nutrients and fresh vegetables compared to loss, but still has a high value of food.