How to Cooking Frozen Squid

The  nutritional value of squid is very high. It is rich in protein,  calcium, taurine, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and many other nutrients the  body needs, and the content is extremely high. In addition, the fat content is extremely low. Higher cholesterol levels.


Frozen Squid
Green pepper
Pixian bean paste
Old pump
Oyster sauce
Red pepper wire
Chicken essencesquid.jpgDirections:

1. Prepare materials
2. Destroy the black skin outside the squid
3. After processing the outside, cut the squid, pull out a piece of cartilage inside, and wash it.
4. Changed into a flower knife, flower knife cut hair I put tips
5. Change to small pieces
6. Onion ginger garlic ready
7. Add some water to the pot and put the squid in. After you go in, it  will be a natural volume. Don't wait for a long time. It will not be  tender.
8.  Put oil at the bottom of the pot, add wolfberry bean paste and red  pepper of Minxian County, stir fry, fry scent, add ginger, put the squid  into the pot, add some soy sauce, and pour into the green and red  peppers. Slightly fry, add garlic, chopped green onion, chicken, and pan.
9. You don't need to put salt when frying, because the sauce has salty taste
1 Begin to cut the miter knife from the corner 45 degrees, pay attention to the bottom can not be cut off.
2 Then turn 90 degrees and cut the knife. The same bottom can't be cut off.
3 Change the squid into small pieces along the lines of the straight knife.