How to cook kidney beans from a can

Recently  made meringue more smoothly, so made the Soviet-style bean paste moon  cake, the same need for crisp, baked moon cake, gently touch the skin to  the crisp lost O (∩ _ ∩) O ha ha ~


Flours,Canned red kidney beans,lard,water,brown sugar,sodium carbonate

red kidney.jpg

Directions:canned red kidney beans.jpg

1. The cooked beans are slightly crushed into bean paste
2. Water and oil skin: flour, lard, water, and good dough, as far as possible, set out the glove to reduce the crisp. Pastry: low flour, lard, and into the dough. Two dough loose about 30 minutes
3. Divide all the doughs into six small ones
4. Water and oil press flat, into the pastry dough. Close all the dough
5. Roll the dough rotated 90 °, roll flat, rolled up from top to bottom.
6. Roll up all the dough, and relax for about 20 minutes
7. Loose dough on both sides of the fold back
8. And try to shape a round, roll open
9. Patch roll open, add fillings
10. Close package
11.Do everything well
12. Surface spray a little water, a little jasmine decoration
13. Preheat the oven, up and down the fire 180 degrees 20 minutes or so
1. The moon cake surface decoration can be based on their own preferences.
2. Oven settings for reference only.
Used kitchen utensils: electric oven, cooker