How to cook canned abalone chinese style

The materials:
Canned abalone
Chop chicken old
Roast duck with pork chops
Ham conpoy

canned abalone.jpg


  1. Buy pork, chops for pork chops.The old chickenRoast duck.Prepare yao zhu ham.

  2. The maltose is turned on with water.

  3. The abalone is put in

  4. Add plastic wrap

  5. Steamed 2-3 clock

  6. Burn the pork chop and burn the duck.Cut the ham and fat.

  7. Chicken nuggets and pig bones fly.Put it in when the water is not hot.

  8. Pig bones and fire ducks are also towed with hot water.The ham will last long.

  9. Chop chicken oldRoast duck. with pork chops
    Conpoy ham
    Boil for two minutes
    Then scoop up the soup, leaving only clear soup.

  10. bamboo mat

  11. Under the bamboo mat, put another shelf.

  12. Add soup stock

  13. If the abalone is close to the fire, it will harden quickly and use a water treatment.

  14. Add the clear soup and cover the abalone.Add two tablespoons of maltose water (soaked in abalone)

  15. Bring to the boil.Top cover
    Repeated twice